Publish a standalone to Enterprise (by reference)

03-02-2020 08:13 AM
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We have a requirement for tables stored in an enterprise geodatabase to be published to Enterprise (portal) and be editable. Currently there are two ways to do this.

  1. Publish from Pro and add a dummy featureclass to the map then publish. You do get the table but then you have to always have a feature class published with it. This adds an unnecesary item to the service and makes things more confusing.
  2. Publish using Bulk Publishing in Enterprise 10.7. This creates a separate service for each table. No featureclass is required. The downside is it published all objects that the datastore credentials have permissions on. 

    (Manage bulk-published layers—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise )

So it seems to me that the ability to publish standalone tables exists somewhere internally but does not seem to be exposed in Pro or in the incredibly poorly named "ArcGIS API for Python". It would be very useful to deliberately publish a standalone table by reference to Enterprise (portal) using ArcGIS Pro. 

-Al Benvin

PS: Fifteen years ago we had developers adding Null geometry columns to their standalone tables so they could be published and consumed via services. It seems we are not much further along now than we were then.

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Yes yes yes! This is exactly our issue as well. 

ArcGIS Enterprise‌ please consider allowing Standalone Tables to be published by reference to ArcGIS Portal/ Enterprise (without a dummy layer). This functionality would help our organization out immensely. 



Hello, I was wondering if this was ever solved.  Publishing standalone tables to ArcGIS portal by reference is exactly what I need to do for my current project. 

Thank you!


Bumping this.  It still seems as though you need a dummy featureclass to publish a standalone table.  Any updates?


Looks like the issue persists in Pro 2.9.1


It would be really helpful to publish a standalone table that references the enterprise GDB so updates made to the table are shown in the service. Can this be done?


This would be very helpful for many workflows in our organization. 


Agreed would love to get this...


Sadly this is still an issue.


Bumping... this is killing me right now.


Hello Esri 

Nothing would make your users more happy then if you stop developing new products for a cuple of month and just start solving fundimental problems with your legacy produkt. Every issu I run in to can be find is some multiple year old thred here and they never seem to be solved. It seams like such low hanging fruit for Esri. 



Yes please vote for registered stand alone tables.