Enhance Print Service to identify the named user who is using the Print service as Author in Portal for ArcGIS Web Map

02-10-2021 09:07 AM
Status: Open
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When creating custom web map printing templates, using the "user" dynamic text element will print the name of the user running the Portal/Server (not sure which one) service on the host machine. This isn't very helpful and could be a security risk if this username is exposed. Without this, our print templates have no user names, which will lead to map printouts having no "trace-ability".

We would like to have the Portal user's username appear (as a dynamic text element) on the template when that user is triggering the print request. One possible use case for this would be: If someone prints the map and provides it to a colleague, the colleague knows who to contact if there were an error or to get access to the map in Portal. I suspect other organizations have similar and additional use cases for this enhancement.

The advanced parameter "author" is available for users to type in a name or account, but this is a step that employees will skip most times as they just need a printout as quickly as possible and don't want additional steps.

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I use the dynamic text "contactname" for our custom print service, but it is not a perfect solution. If you print from a web map it shows the name of the currently logged in user. However, the WebApp Builder print widget overwrites the contactname with whatever value is in the author field. So if you leave the author field blank the contactname is blank.

I agree that there should be a dynamic text value that provides the name of the currently logged in user no matter how the print service is being consumed and cannot be overwritten by widgets.

Here is the current dynamic text that I use:

<dyn type="layout" property="metadata" attribute="contactname" emptyStr=""/>