Create and Maintain a Docker Container for ArcGIS Server

10-14-2015 07:45 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Docker and similar container-based deployment methods are gaining more acceptance in the DevOps space. Increasingly IT pros working on cloud and internal deployments of server-based applications will want to use these more reliable methods to deploy new versions. Since ArcGIS Server is essential in many of these stacks, it would be great to use these better methods when deploying it.

I'd really really really like to promote this, there's been people 'hacking' this in docker yet, but in highly scalable and highly flexible environments this is simply put: a must. Many big companies, especially in the utilities sector in Europe, are diverting to a start-up-outside-the-business kind of model, with the typical 'start-up crowd' in there. The result is that aside from having to learn GIS in some occasions, they also feel that the integration with their platforms is missing. And you got to agree: the idea of spinning up and testing with containers is really appealing in devops world. Even Microsoft is jumping on this wagon. It'd be silly >NOT< to support Docker.

Just do it already!


Would be perfect to use with the new Amazon EC2 Container Service.


You'll be interested in some early work in this area just released with 10.5.1:

ArcGIS Server site with Esri ArcGIS Server Docker deployed in AWS ECS. 

(linked from CloudFormation templates to deploy ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services | ArcGIS Enterprise  which itself is linked from AWS CloudFormation and ArcGIS—ArcGIS Enterprise on AWS | ArcGIS Enterprise)

Stay tuned for upcoming releases for even more Docker goodness!


The Amazon stuff is a great option but I am really hoping for a Docker stack that I can run anywhere. It would be so great to have an ArcGIS Enterprise stack running on Docker for Windows for development. 


I am wondering about how the ArcGIS Enterprise only supports Community Edition; and not Enterprise, which is recommended for Win Server? Will Docker EE support be added in the future?