Convert Attribute Assistant to web based. Server/ArcGIS Online.

01-15-2014 11:43 AM
Status: Open
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The Attribute Assistant is a great tool.  I would be very helpful If it was available for people using a collector app through ArcGIS Online or a custom Server app to have this available.  It would save a lot of work/time in post processing of field collected data. 

Attribute Assistant-like functionality is available through web services published by reference (referencing a registered data source) to ArcGIS Enterprise.  See Share datasets with attribute rules—Geodatabases | ArcGIS Desktop .

If what you are looking for is support for Attribute Assistant-like functionality using ArcGIS Online, please go to  to up vote - and it would be helpful to that development team if you would comment with your requirements such as what method/capability do you need for your work?


We track/add/update work orders displayed as point feature service through a WebApp and would like to see dynamic attribute fields for lat/long so that I could pass through these fields to the Print Widget with a custom template that shows the coordinates on the final printed PDF. The functionality I am looking for is similar to the "Editor Tracking" tool we use to ensure each newly created object has a creation date automated and uneditable, so that it is not subject to user error.


So if this becomes available with Attribute Rules in Pro and your shop has not completely migrated from ArcMap to Pro, then those enterprise layers using Attribute Rules would no longer be available to ArcMap users, as per ESRI documentation?


Arcgis roadmap link is not working. Any updates on when this is going to be available?


With the new 'build a layer' under create a feature in AGO, attribute rules would be a great addition. Range and coded value domains are already there after the layer is made via the Data --> fields section. Arcade looks promising   


For example, fiber cable A1 is attached to 10 poles and poles need to be referenced to that fiber.

We would like to be able to create a rule that enters A1 in the fiber association name field for every pole that fiber line is attached to.

Another use would be to auto-populate points with the right county info by setting up spatial trigger.

Feel free to contact us directly if you would like more examples.


Two years later and this is not a reality.  My staff cannot migrate platforms until ALL the tools they currently use with Attribute Assistant and Address Management work perfectly in Pro.  Attribute Manager was supposed to be a Phase 1 solution when I saw it on a slide in Palm Springs in 2016...


One of the key reasons for this tool, is to keep the shape related calculations consistent across interfaces. Even publishing a feature with the correct projection and units, the area or length information is going to be different if you use an Arcade function, the measurement tool, or the standard display in Collector. And then, you can not modify the information when creating dashboards. I worked with ESRI support, and the only solution is this tool.


second all of these! We are using a program for our animal control so having the ability to create our case numbers automatically and populate other attributes would cut time down in the field and allow our officers to be more efficient. 

This would then be extended to some investigation tools we are developing for the Sheriff.