Change to Async Request for Multipart Upload Construction

11-29-2020 08:24 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Currently we have the ability to upload very large datasets through ArcGIS Pro with its in built functionality to break the data into multiple parts and upload individually to the Enterprise system. One of the final steps in this multipart upload is to send a request to the Enterprise system to put all the packages back together into a single file. As this request is synchronous it means there is a high potential for issues when re-constructing data of a significant size.

Further to this, our system is fully hosted in AWS and we are utilising Cloudfront as a gateway to our Enterprise system. As the maximum timeout on Cloudfront is 60 seconds, we have issues when trying to upload very large datsets (>15GB) as the multipart construction takes longer than this to complete and respond.

It is recommended that this call is changed to utilise an async request to provide greater usability for this feature.

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