ArcGIS Monitor: Better Email Alert Formatting

10-08-2019 08:49 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

Would like to See updated, revamped email notification formatting.  Specifically the subject line.  Currently every alert subject line has this uninformative text,

"ArcGIS Monitor XXX Alert for YYY"

xxx = level of alert (warning, severe, etc...)

yyy = Collection name

Would like to see the actual issue in the subject line.  Sometimes I get many of these at a time and scanning through the titles and subject lines doesn't yield any meaningful info.  First off, I know these are from ArcGIS Monitor because of the "from" line... so we don't need "ArcGIS Monitor" in the subject line...  Something with either the counter name or the notes in the title.  "High CPU Usage on My Server".  

Even better would be to allow users to format their own emails.  Much like we can do in AGOL to configure popups.  Give us access to the item fields, "Level", "Name", "Type", "Counter", "Value" etc...  and allow us to put together our own email templates.