ArcGIS Map Services in SQL Server Reporting Services

07-26-2010 10:21 AM
Status: Open
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Work with Microsoft to allow ArcGIS Map Services to be used in SQL Server Reporting Services.     SQL Server Reporting Services supports integrating maps, but it is very limited.     Using our enterpise map services in SSRS would be beneficial and assist many in our organization.

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ESRI is great for web maps, but we use SSRS for other reporting and integrating them would be ideal!
I'm not sure the esri staff even looks at this site anymore.  If they did, it would be nice if this could get merged with other related ideas and then actually get this implemented. This is really a weak spot in the ArcGIS Server/Portal stack.  

Hi Eric, thank you for pointing this idea out here. If a component such as a Reporting Service was not available, how would you envision web services to interact with SSPS? Looking into their documentation, it says it reads from a shapefile, but does the product support web services?