ArcGIS Living Atlas Availability for Enterprise Users

07-16-2020 12:39 PM
Status: Open
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I would love to see esri make the living atlas available to enterprise users without AGOL accounts. Currently I must save living atlas content somewhere within our Portal that the user of our WAB applications can then access. It would be much more effective for the user to simply search through the add data widget and add that content in to the application.


Is there a technical reason you cannot enable Living Atlas access through the ArcGIS Portal settings. I believe this has been an option since 10.5.

Here is Esri's help documentation:

Configure Living Atlas content—Portal for ArcGIS (10.8) | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise 


I can access it on the backend (setting up the web map) because I have registered an AGOL account with my portal for access to things from the living atlas (e.g. NAIP imagery). 

The problem is when an enterprise user enters my WAB application, goes to the add data widget, and tries to add something like NAIP it prompts them for a username and password. If they enter AGOL credentials it will authenticate and add the imagery.

The work around has been to save NAIP imagery as an item within my portal and store the AGOL credentials with it. They can then search through my organization, within the add data widget, and add the imagery into the application. This prevents them for searching and adding content at will.


I would also like this to be considered as I've just discovered our Portal (10.7.1) Living Atlas is missing most of the UK specific content that you can find in the AGOL Living Atlas.. and it wasn't added at 10.8.1 either so even our annual upgrade won't fix it and most of our Portal users don't have AGOL accounts.. 

I will have to add each missing UK specific layer manually as items in Portal.

Seems strange that content isn't dynamically available in both environments.