ArcGIS GeoService API could deliver TopoJSON format

07-16-2019 09:02 AM
Status: Open
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Maybe some magic like this:  

Specifically, I want to deliver confidential data with special handling requirements (e.g. HIPAA) from my ArcGIS Enterprise deployment directly to Power BI users within our internal, secured environment.  The Power BI "Preview feature" "Shape map visual" supports TopoJSON (  The Power BI team's suggested data conversion solution is a no-go for our confidential data and causes a lot of work and re-work by staff.

I'm aware that the ArcGIS Maps for Microsoft Power BI product takes my map visualizations to the next level, but it looks like I need to go higher than that.


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Looks like Koop ( may help out in the meantime for data that's not very live.  f=topojson would still be nice to get directly from an Esri GeoService.