ArcGIS Enterprise Sites: Automatically show the information/data of the first layer if there is only one (instead of showing the Map Service level)

11-27-2020 05:18 AM
Status: Open
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If I share a Map Image Layer on ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, a user who takes a look at the data will first see the level of the Map Service and not the visualization and data of the actual layer (see below - no data and no visualization).


While this might make sense in cases where there is more than one layer, it is confusing if there is only one. Currently the user has to click on Layer and then the single layer to see the real data (see below)


It would be great if ArcGIS Enterprise Sites would automatically show the information/data of the first layer if there is only one. For Feature Layers this already works fine. Could you please implement the same behavior for Map Image Layers?

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You should be able to point directly to it by adding content in Portal via a url (Content -> Add Item -> From the Web , in this case something like MyDomain.server/rest/services/MyStuff/MapServer/0) which then becomes a feature layer.


Thanks for the tip!

Indeed that works, but it gives me a Feature Service as an item and not a Map Image Layer. Map Image Layers have the advantage to show symbology as well as links for WMS,WFS shown under the APIs button (if published together with the service). This is not the case for Feature Layers (or at least it did not work for me so far).