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Allow Results from GP Server to show labels as defined in a *.lyr file

09-26-2011 09:04 AM
Status: Closed
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I have a ModelBuilder model that creates a Feature Layer results in the results pane of ArcGIS Server web application.  The results are displayed with the coloring scheme I defined in a *.lyr file specified in ModelBuilder (the model is used in the geoprocessing server... unfortunately the result cannont show the labels as I specified them (or any labels as I understand from ESRI troubleshooters)

WORK AROUND - I discovered a work around for my problem.  It seems that if you define the output coloration and labelling as I did in ModelBuilder by setting the output symbology by referring to a *.lyr file the labels don't appear.  However if you label the results output you get from the model in ArcMap TOC after dragging the ModelBuilder (to create a "sublayer") model into the TOC (to make a Tool Layer for automatically creating a GP Service) the labels do show up.

Caveat with ArcGIS Server - there is a caveat between the two methods - You can get transparant simple fills by defining coloration and transparency with a *lyr file in ModelBuilder but that transparency won't work if you define the coloring and transparency with a sublayer in the Tool Layer... thats just the way it is.
Status changed to: Closed

Hi Brian,


I am glad you were able to determine a workaround. If this is still of interest to you, please create a new post on ArcGIS Ideas for consideration.