Add an option to hide esri_apps content in Portal

03-18-2020 04:35 PM
Status: Open
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I could not find a way to filter the "esri_apps" items that are listed in the organisation content @ Portal 10.7.1

Such an option exists for Living Atlas. ESRI should also give an option to hide esri_apps's contents or have them only visible when looking specifically for AGOL content or Marketplace content.

Portal content should be fully customizable to the organization's needs.

Forcing visibility to unused and unknown applications with multiple references bring confusion to the organization's users.

For example, forced display of this content does not feel like UX best practices

Thank you ESRI for the great work that you do with ArcGIS for Entreprise, hope to see it even more UX designed.  


Hi Yann-Eric Boyeau‌, thank you for submitting this idea. Would your intention be to remove all content owned by Esri system users or just esri_apps items? Currently, there is the option to disable external content. This will hide content owned by the users esri_nav, esri_<lang>, and esri. It does not currently hide esri_apps content, but we can look at extending it to do so in the future. 

Related enhancement: ENH-000113608 


Hi Hillary,

Thank you for taking this request into account.

As you mentioned, other external content can already be disabled if needed but not esri_apps.

So the title of this idea is related to esri_apps content only.


It would be preferable if it was an option to include ESRI content at install rather than have it forced on us by default.  Being in New Zealand, I can't imagine a time when we will use navigation maps for Germany or Canada or Lesotho or any of the other 189-ish countries of the world.  Actually I'm pretty sure we won't use the navigation map for New Zealand either.

And now that the nav maps and the other ESRI apps are annoyingly there, we want to delete them, not just hide them....

Please can we have this sorted for future installs but also a way to clean this up for current installs.


Definitely agree with @MicheleHosking1  !

Would be nice to not install them at all. It would also save a lot of installation time ! I think deploying all those items take more or less 30/40 min !


To me the esri_apps content is just one big collection of urls managed in the customer's databases.
That just doesn't seem right.
If it is an on premise installation, that should really be optional.
At the very least, there should be a way to hide this content from the users.
We have our own software distribution process and users within our organization are not allowed to install programs on their own.


100% agree with all the previous comments.  If certain apps are crucial to making sure Portal remains stable and functions properly... I think that most people would get that... Just give us the option during the installation to "Hide Default Content".


That being said, many of these pre-installed apps just feel like a sales pitch..... for example, the ArcGIS Pro "app" describes what the software does and viewing the application just takes the user to the ESRI ArcGIS Pro product page.  Make these an optional install at the very least.


Portal Admins have enough things to worry about... why burden them with unwanted and seemingly unnecessary content?


I'm going to call it like I see it:  These are product advertisements--plain and simple--and are quite obnoxious.

Furthermore, these are bewildering to new Portal users.  I have enough trouble trying to get reluctant first-time users to log in to explore the system.  When they do, and get inundated with a bunch of advertisements, it is an overwhelming and counterproductive experience for them.  They generally say 'No Thanks!' after that, and don't want to come back.  Please keep the system as inviting and clutter-free as possible in order to facilitate the new-user experience.

I'm going to be a bit more assertive in my request:  Don't make advertisements optional...  Don't give us an option to hide them...   Just get completely rid of them!  We all know where to look for new ESRI products.  They have no place being crammed into a product for which we are already paying.


I have the same problem. Very frustrating not to be able to remove Esri Apps and also that esri apps appear in the search result for anonymous users.  Esri pleas make it possible to make a clean installation or give us the option to remove all the preeloaded apps and data. It makes the product feel cluttered and messy even before the users has put in there own data.