Ability to present a custom response page to replace the 403 response when a user navigates to a disabled ArcGIS Server REST directory service page

02-08-2021 07:41 AM
Status: Open
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Through help pages for serverscan Esri encourage users to disable the ArcGIS Server REST services directory.

Users browsing ArcGIS Enterprise are offered links to this services directory from the ArcGIS Enterprise Portal content item page.

Clicking the hyperlinked name of the Layer or selecting “View”  beside the URL title both launch the ArcGIS REST services directory for the service.





When ArcGIS Server REST service directory browsing is disabled the user is presented with a 403 response page


This response can be confusing for users less familiar with GIS and/or the ArcGIS architecture as they are following default links presented to them within ArcGIS Enterprise, and despite the fact that the url is valid, the 403 warning does not make this clear to them.

It would be valuable if an organisation had the ability to replace this 403 response page with a custom page which provided details of how to use an ArcGIS Server REST service url. The ability to add the organisation logo, and some custom text (dynamic or static) could make this page more user friendly. This in turn would help to avoid users feeling like they have made a mistake, and instead it rewards them for their curiosity and interest.


Changing the various response code landing pages can also be handled in your web adaptor's IIS settings.



Yes jcarlson - I had the very same answer.  This is more of a proxy server issue as opposed to an ArcGIS Server issue.


I think the Layer name should not be a hyperlink and the View text/link be removed when the ArcGIS Services Directory is disabled. Maybe it could be a Setting in ArcGIS Portal to toggle on/off. Another option could be the ability to make a list of ArcGIS Servers to not provide Service Directory links for. That way if you utilize different ArcGIS Servers in ArcGIS Portal, the ArcGIS Servers that have Service Directories can have their links and the ArcGIS Servers on the exclude list do not have links.


@jcarlson @BernieConnors1 - thank you for your responses! We'll check this out!