Ability to Export data from web layers with data option “Reference registered data” (ArcGIS Enterprise)

09-19-2019 05:08 AM
Status: Open
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We publish server-based web layers with data from data sources registered with our federated servers (ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, soon to be 10.7.1), using the data option “Reference registered data”.

In this scenario, the feature layer property “Export data” is not supported according to your matrix (and my testing),  see attached image.

It would be very helpful if our users could export data, for instance shapefiles, from these web layers.


Hi Marianne,

Thanks for submitting this idea. Can you help elaborate on the circumstances when your users might want to export referenced data? In these scenarios, would you want anyone with access to the layer to be able to export it or a specific group of users? Thank you!


Hi Hilary


Thank you for your reply!


I guess the circumstances are exactly the same as for hosted feature layers, where the ability to export data exists (in both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise). I don’t see why feature layers with referenced data as opposed to hosted data in Enterprise shouldn’t have the same capability?


I can come up with a few examples. Some of our users have access to ArcGIS Desktop/PRO (and the export tools herein), but the majority of our users use Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online (In fact, our plan is to move most of our current ArcMap users to the WebGIS environment). In some cases, these WebGIS users are asked to export the data to other non-ArcGIS software in-house or to business partners (that don’t have access to our portals).  In other cases, our users may want to create a copy of data for a temporary project, where they test changes to data (that may or may not be added to the production data later).


Regarding your question about privileges to export: for our current needs, anyone with access to the layer may also export a copy – but I guess it would be even better if export of data can be restricted to a group.