Visual Studio 2013 doesn't create soe file

07-23-2018 04:15 PM
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Hi There, I am having an issue with Server Object Extension in Visual Studio 2013 where .soe file is not being only generates soe dll file. Our development environment is 10.3.1. 

I found another post with this suggestion but that doesn't seem to be helping. I was wondering if someone has any suggestions.



10.2 and VS 2012 - Wont Create SOE file    

I found that there is a similar issue reported in our system as [#NIM093779  Problems with .NET SDK SOE templates at 10.2 in Visual Studio 2012 prevent the .soe file from being generated. ]

The cause of this bug and the issue you are having are the same.
The workaround would be :
Edit the project file *.csproj:
Near the bottom of the XML you will see an Import element. For both Project and Condition, update the path from Server.targets to Server.11.targets.

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