Limit Domain Values using SOI

11-24-2020 06:04 AM
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I'm wondering if it's possible to limit domain values for a particular field based on another fields value using an SOI?  I will be creating a service per state. Based on the state (which would be setup as a property to the service for the particular state), I want my Mobile and Web App Builder users to have a dropdown that ONLY shows the sayyyy counties in the state/service. So this would need to do a subset of coded values.  Possible?

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You can see the request of client and return json filtered.

Example if client asks with in this json there are info of domain values so then client use it. In soi you intercept these called and manage value of domains. However the client can make called  to efficiently work with domains when use feature service (10.5 or superior) so you need see this too.

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