Report ArcGIS Enterprise Item Dependencies

04-15-2020 12:29 PM

Report ArcGIS Enterprise Item Dependencies

This tool will create a report on the dependencies for a service or a web map.  This can be helpful to see what web maps/applications will be affected by making changes, or deleting, a particular item.  When creating a report for feature services, the tool will report which web maps and web applications are consuming the service.  When creating a report for a web map, the tool will report which web applications are consuming the web map.  Currently, ArcGIS Dashboards are not included in this report.

A CSV file is created from this tool.  Below is an example report created for 2 feature services, Cities and NYPD_Crimes:

The Cities service is found in 2 web maps, Cities Web Map and Airports Web Map.  The Airports Web Map also has an application created from it called Airports Web App.

The NYPD_Crimes service is only found in 1 web map, NYPD Crimes Web Map.

Note:  this tool was created using the ArcGIS API for Python, and can only be executed within ArcGIS Pro, not ArcMap.


This is what we've put together.  It seems to work but could definitely use some improvements.

from arcgis.gis import GIS
from IPython.display import display

source = GIS(GIS, username, password)

content = = "NOT owner: esri", max_items=5000)

dependents = []

for item in content:
dep_list = item.dependent_upon()['list']
for element in dep_list:
if element['dependencyType'] == 'id':
if element['id'] == '10fe923f15ac422f8f4d48efb394c616':


Beautiful work Jake Skinner‌.

Does this tool find web appbuilder app, configurable apps, etc (excluding dashboards at this time)?

How To: Find dependencies in Portal for ArcGIS using ArcGIS API for Python 

Andres Castillo‌ yes, that is correct.  It has not been extensively tested, so please feel free to report any issues you run into in the comments section.

Hi all,

I just went to try this out but it's not displaying all of the Users in the Portal?

It seems to be limiting it to the first 100, alphabetically...  I'm not seeing anything in the code that is limiting it, but it would seem add that it's listing users from 'a' to 'r' and there are exactly 100 users in the list...

Warren Medernach‌ I updated the scripts validation so it will load more than the first 100 users.

Works like a charm, thanks Jake!

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