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02-16-2016 04:03 PM
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Hello, I'm evaluating options for replacing Google Earth. Just wondering what's ArcGIS Earth current level of KML support, we have somewhat advanced KML such as KML NetworkLinks, View refresh options through KML NetworkLinks. If someone could give me some answers as to the current/planned status of KML support in ArcGIS Earth. I'd appreciate it.  Some other questions:

Also, are you planning on allowing users to cache map data or some sort of offline mode?

What's your plan for the product as to releasing futures versions/updates? Adding more features?


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You have seen the available help, I presume ... ArcGIS Earth | ArcGIS

and the support currently available Guided tour—ArcGIS Earth | ArcGIS

but this is a good spot to weigh in with queries or suggestions or through "Feedback on this topic" link at the bottom of every help page.

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I pretty much went through everything that's KML related on your web site. I guess I pretty much had tunnel vision and only focused on KML so I missed the answer to the question about future plans is you'll release more information later on. We use KML URLs and Google Earth gives you options for configuring the networklink options such as view updates. Just wanted to get a sense if I'd be able to do things like that in future versions. I already tested the current version

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Hi Xavier,

At a high level, we are currently substantially supporting KML 2.2.  Both network links and refresh are supported, though there is a bug that was discovered (and which will be fixed) in which the refresh time is doubled for some reason.  We do not support Google Maps Engine custom elements and some other custom elements and extensions.

We are continuing to improve KML support.  Up next will be support for timesliders and we'll be adding map tours in a future version.

We're also interested to hear what functionality your users rely on around KML. Do they need to draw 3D shapes? Change refresh rates?  Change viewpoint? Etc.


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