Draw line - thickness of line based on size/dimensions, rather than weight

06-09-2021 06:54 AM
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We are currently using ArcGIS Earth to design/draw paths that are then saved as a KMZ file and then imported to a third party app for use.  What is important is that the paths drawn are switchbacks with a specific distance between the paths - generally 40 m.  The problem is that we have a tremendous amount of manual work to measure and ensure that the path drawn has 40m spacing.  The image below shows a poor example of a path that is not correctly spaced.


What would be helpful is the ability with ArcGIS Earth to change the line thickness based on actual dimension rather than weight, and for the line thickness to remain unchanged when zooming.  Specifically this would allow us to set a line width to 40m which would allow us to design a path quickly since we would be able to quickly see that the path is inline with a parallel path.  It would help us since we would no longer need to guess during designing the path that the spacing is correct and also eliminate the need for us to separately measure and redesign the path to ensure correct spacing.  

Is this possible with ArcGIS Earth?

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Hi @Sniffer ,

Glad to hear that you are using ArcGIS Earth to design/draw paths in your project.
In the current release, ArcGIS Earth only supports changing the line thickness based on weight. Your suggestion and requirement are highly valuable to us, we have logged this and will evaluate the priorities.
Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.
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