Could ArcGIS Earth support to load compressed SLPK?

10-05-2021 02:06 AM
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According to OGC Indexed 3d Scene Layer (I3S) and Scene Layer Package Format Specification.

10.1 Scene Layer Packages

  • On this Archive, an overall compression scheme may be applied. This compression scheme SHALL be either STORE or DEFLATE64. Standard DEFLATE is acceptable as a fallback if DEFLATE64 is not available, but will only work with smaller SLPKs.


I compressed my file to a .zip and rename extension to .slpk,

If I pick compression method by  DEFLATE/DEFLATE64 from 7-zip, add slpk to ArcGIS Earth return 

"IO error: Unable to open or read file, it may be in a different format or corrupted: C:\Users\User\Desktop\drome2map_test4.slpk"

But it works if I pick "STORE".

Could ArcGIS Earth support to load compressed SLPK?

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Hello @LagunaDu ,

Thanks for bringing your ideas to us. 

Though using compression level of ‘STORE’ can generate a ready-to-use slpk, we still recommend you create SLPK using professional softwares, including ArcGIS Pro, City Engine and etc.

Creating SLPK via the compression way is different from that via professional software both in size and attributes after all.

We will take your ideas to consideration and you are welcome to submit any other finding or thoughts about ArcGIS Earth.

Thank you!



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