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New tutorials for ArcGIS Drone2Map 2024.1

06-12-2024 02:42 PM
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With the release of ArcGIS Drone2Map 2024.1, the Drone2Map team partnered with the ArcGIS Learn team to create some tutorial lessons focused on some of the newer features and capabilities. The following are the new learn lessons:


Inspect Infrastructure with ArcGIS Drone2Map

Use Catalog Datasets in ArcGIS Drone2Map

Full tutorial gallery

If you prefer videos instead, then please check out the new short videos covering the use of both inspections and catalog datasets:


Inspect Assets with ArcGIS Drone2Map (video)

Using Catalog Datasets in ArcGIS Drone2Map (video)

For any subjects within ArcGIS Drone2Map that you would like to see a tutorial of please feel free to comment on this post. We are always looking to improve our knowledge base and plan to have more tutorials and videos out in the near future. 

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SoCal native who started working for Esri in October of 2016. Currently a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS Drone2Map team. Some of my specialties include Drone workflows, Raster & 3D Analysis, Remote Sensing, and LiDAR.