Windows PatchFinder (2016-02.09) triggers Symantec Security Risk

10-03-2017 09:42 AM
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Windows PatchFinder (2016-02.09) when downloaded triggers a Symantec Endpoint Protection Notification: "Security Risk Found!  Security risk detected: WS.Reputation.1" The file is quarantined and access is denied.  

I'm making this post in case others go hunting for solutions for this in GeoNet.

WS.Reputation.1 | Symantec says that this error is triggered on files that have a low reputation score, i.e. not enough people use it to get a sense of the dangers posed by this file.  It's not a specific virus detection.

In my case, going to Symantec Endpoint Protection (v14) > View Quarantine > clicking the entry for WS.Reputation.1 and tapping the Restore button returned the file to my system.  And it works as expected.

It would great to have Esri to submit this admittedly small, but very useful EXE to Symantec, Norton, etc. for whitelisting.

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