LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect

04-16-2020 04:25 AM
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Good morning everyone,

WE are getting this error message in one desktop when running ArcMap:

"LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect"

Any idea of how to fix it.

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We started getting the "Loadlibrary error 87" when we upgraded to Windows 10 version 1909.  The error only occurs when users are using Microsoft Remote Desktop to remotely log into their computer and run ArcMap.  Our computers that are affected have AMD video cards.  We have other Dell computers that have nVidia video cards that are not affected.  There are a couple of articles online that say to update the AMD video drivers or disable the AMD video card in the device manager.  We are currently attempting to get Microsoft to fix this issue because it also affects our AutoDESK software products (Bluebeam and AutoCAD).  Microsoft has acknowledge that this is an issue with Remote Desktop and has asked ESRI to help by opening a case with Microsoft so they can obtain ESRI support assistance with identifying what is causing the problem.