License manager hosted on a cloud server

09-15-2016 01:24 PM
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We are going to migrate our physical server to a cloud server. Can I install license manager  on this server and my client computers are going to be able to read the concurrent license? If I can install it and use use the licenses from the cloud, the steps to install and authorize are the same as a physical server?


Diego Llamas

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Has this thread really sat here for years without a response? 

Anyone out there know the answer to this? 

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Hi Diego,

check the URL , scroll down to step 13: 

If your license manager is running on an EC2 instance, ArcGIS Desktop will no longer be licensed if the license manager instance is restarted, as restarting the instance changes its name. The best option for licensing ArcGIS Desktop in a cloud environment like Amazon EC2 is to use a license manager that is hosted on a physical machine in your organization. Alternatively, the license manager can be hosted on a virtual machine or on a small dedicated EC2 instance that is continuously running (such as a micro size Linux instance). 

Once the instance is restarted on AWS or Azure, it will possibly change the IP of the machine which causes a corruption of the flexnet folder. Alternatively you can try to use a fixed/static IP on the virtual machine or make sure it is never shutdown!

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