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01-13-2015 04:03 PM
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To whoever it may concern,

I obtained a 1 year trial membership of ArcMap 10.2, and when I finished downloading it, I had trouble opening the program.

the "License" box popped up and read: "Could not connect to an ArcGIS license manager running on host 'Not_Set' "

Can anyone help me resolve this issue? I would really appreciate it!



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Did you follow the registration process completely? if this was provided by an academic institution, they probably provided a guideline sheet.

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This means that your software is set up to retrieve a license from a License Server, but the address of the server is not set. Given that you have a trial, it is unlikely that it is for a concurrent license (served from a server). Instead, you need to tell ArcGIS for Desktop to look for the license on your computer.

To do this, go to Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator then pick the "Desktop" folder from the folder tree. You will then want to pick the Single Use license you have received and click OK. As long as you authorized your software properly on install, you should now be able to open the software.

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I'll add the following on a related area of confusion regarding the Student software installation in case someone finds this post.  Not sure if this has been resolved recently, but this was an issue with the Student software last year and the year before.

When registering the student software, you get to a point where it asks if you want to authorize the extensions.  The student software does indeed come with access to several extensions, however, oddly enough, you do not want to authorize them at this point.  If you do authorize them, the install will bomb out.

Instead, continue the process without authorizing any of them.  When you finish, the extensions will be available to turn on.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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