Installation ended prematurely because of an error while installing service pack 1

08-20-2015 11:08 PM
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I have Arcmap 10.1 and want to install ArcGISDesktop101sp1. That prompts a fatal error:Installation ended prematurely because of an error

Anyone got the same issue and knows the solution?

Thank you

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Andrius, you may want to move this question to ArcGIS for Desktop Installation support   since this space us for questions about Geonet itself.  To move Moving Content

What operation system are you working on?  Was 10.1 working without issues before you applied the sp, or is this a new install?  If so, you might want to try Resetting your ArcGIS application profile​ and then trying the install again.

If new, and on win8, you may need to make sure Microsoft .net 3.5 client us installed, as talked about in the comment section on this post  ArcGIS 10.1 and Windows 8 | ArcGIS Blog

and of course...did you try rebooting and and just restarting the install? (Always worth trying if you haven't already)

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