07-05-2019 08:08 AM
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Hi All,

Is there a way to convert ArcGIS PRO Single User Licenses to Concurrent Licenses?
Is it the right location to post this query?
Suggest me, Thanks in advance.

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No.  You will need to contact Customer Service or your account manager if you need concurrent use licenses.  If you purchased ArcGIS Desktop Single Use license, you're entitled to the same level named user Pro licenses.  You have the option to convert the Pro named user licenses to the same level single use Pro single use licenses.  You cannot convert it to concurrent use.  If you purchased ArcGIS Desktop concurrent use  license, you can then convert your Pro named user licenses to concurrent use.  Basically you can only convert Pro named user licenses to the license type of the Desktop licenses you've purchased.  

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If you are new to GIS and started with Pro, do you even have the ability to get concurrent use licenses?  I thought the ability to have concurrent use licenses for Pro was only available if you were grandfathered in from having ArcMap concurrent use licenses.

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If you purchased ArcGIS Desktop concurrent use licenses, you can convert your Pro Named Users to CU.  But if you have desktop single use you can't convert Pro Named User to CU.  That is why it would be necessary to work with customer service.

Amnoy's answer is correct.

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