Can't authorize ArcGIS Pro single use.

01-14-2018 01:14 PM
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I have a private use license that I've only used with ArcMap up to now. I recently tried downloading ArcGIS pro to take it for a spin, but I can't authorize it. When I feed my license number (ESUXXXXX...) it says all of those functions have already been authorized (but it doesn't work). What should I do?



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From this help topic

did you do this?

Download ArcGIS Pro and any optional setups from My Esri. To download, your Esri account must be connected to your organization with the appropriate permissions. If you don't have appropriate permissions, the option to download will not be available to you. On the My Organizations tab in My Esri, click Request permissions to your organization, which will notify your administrator to connect your Esri Account to your organization.

even if you are standalone, you are the administrator