ArcGIS Pro 2.6 ExcelToSQLite64 resident program constantly running and using CPU and RAM

10-19-2020 12:21 PM
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Hello to the members of the Community:

I am contacting you to ask you if anyone knows what does the ExcelToSQLite64 program do?

It was installed in my PC with ArcGIS Pro 2.6 and is constantly doing running in the background consuming RAM (usually 1 GB or more) and CPU resources (25% or more).

I am sure that it came with ArcGIS Pro because I uninstalled and this resident program disappeared. 

Is there any way for it to stop running in the background while ArcGIS is not working? What would be the impact of that program not running constantly?

Thank you for any directions or recommendations on this issue. 

Andres Baquero-Ruiz

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in one machine we are observing the same problem on PRO 2.7.  @Andres_FranciscoBaquero-Ruiz have you solved this issue? @KoryKramer haven´t you see this before?

On our side, when the PRO is running, the process is writing each 30 seconds approximately some runtime geodatabases to TEMP folder and logging it (see the screen below). 


So it´s depleating the space on HDD. It´s quite weird.

 Thank you for any idea!


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Hi Vladimir.  There is a more recent discussion about this that matches the behavior you're describing.

There is no resolution to this yet and as far as I know it is still being investigated by technical support and development teams.  So any additional information that you'd be able to provide regarding the project that is causing this (if you know) would be very much appreciated.  For example, what are the indexing settings, does the project contain Excel tables, etc.?

Thank you!

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Thank you @KoryKramer. We will try to help as much as possible!