Allow users to see who is using an arc license

03-11-2020 08:39 AM
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Hi all,

Recently I took over IT administration from our former administrator. Before he left we had a script that would allow any user to run it and see how many licenses are in use and the name of who is using them. We need this script as we have limited licenses and sometimes a user will forget to log out and we need to force them out. 

I am not proficient in coding and am looking for a way to recreate this script as it has disappeared from our shared drive.

It just needs to be a simple "Who is using a license" based off of their usernames or pc user names. Does anyone have any idea how this would be done? The original script was a batch files called license.bat. I can still see the shortcuts to the original file, but the file is gone. 

An alternative would be to give certain users access to the license manager without giving them access to the server that the license manager is hosted on.

I have spent hours looking for the script and it was not moved. 

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. 

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Is there a way to track concurrent license usage and lockouts? 


GitHub - jmitz/ArcGISLicenseMonitor: Aids in monitoring licenses managed by ESRI's ArcGIS License Ma... 

There are likely others. You'll probably get better responses in the ArcGIS Desktop installation space, so I'll move this question there. 

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