Trial version authorized online, but when starting says "is not authorized"

09-11-2015 03:10 PM
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I have installed ArcGIS 10.1 and authorized online.  The messages says, "All requested features have already been authorized on this machine."    When I start ArcMap, it says "ArcGIS Desktop Advanced is not authorized for use."   What do I do next? 

Last year, I installed a 90 day trial version of the same software, but uninstalled it before loading this 180 day student version.  Was there some license file leftover from the old install that the license server might be locating?

As of now, I am dead in the water.  I may have wasted my unemployment insurance money on this Esri workbook.

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BTW, I just re read your original post (re unemployment $ and I assume trying to learn skill .... First off, good choice ...GIS is a great skill to know).   this may be too late in your process, but if not getting it thru a school program, I think the best deal out there is ArcGIS for Home Use Program | ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced for Personal Use      Once I retire, I plan to continue having access to all the GIS tools thru that $100/year option.  Cheapest way to get all the ArcGIS Desktop tools for learning and playing (can't use for profit/business).  At the user conference this year, they also mention "all software will be included" which I'm not sure exactly what that means, but my guess is it means that the ArcGIS Online account will be included (with maybe a few more privileges than a free account...but that is just speculation on my part).

When learning, make sure to take advantage of all the free video and webinars

Esri Video | Videos Covering GIS Events, Products, People, & Topics

​and     Also, the New to GIS​ might be a good group to follow, search and ask questions.

I hope you are able to get up and running again soon.

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Thank you Rebecca!  I am a 30 plus year geologist with a mixture of environmental/mining/oil and gas.  The job before last, I was in mining and used ArcGIS some at work, but always needed quite a bit of help.  I need to learn this to get a job in environmental or even some oil nowadays.  I have used CAD (Integraph) and oilfield well and seismic mapping which all use map coordinate systems, overlays, layers, etc.  I just need to get much better at ArcMap.  Hopefully I can get the license issue figured out and get to it.

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It could be that your license is not for Advanced.  Try going into the Desktop Administrator and changing the product type to Standard (single Use) - exit the Administrator and try opening ArcMap again.  If that doesn't work - try switching to Basic and opening ArcMap.

The product type selected in the ArcGIS Administrator must match the license level you authorized for.

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