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07-04-2019 05:44 AM
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When I reproject a raster image using ArcGSi 10.6. ArcToolbox ArcGIS always suggests and loads a specific transformation method which is not the one I want to use. Why does ArcGIS autosuggest and load a specific method and how can I stop it?

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  • Open your MXD and navigate to View > Data Frame Properties, go to the Coordinate system Tab and click the Transformations button.
  • This dialog will have a list of all the coordinate systems for the data being used in the map.  Note, you need to have your Data Frame coordinate system set for the MXD and data added to your MXD in the systems you want to transform between to initially configure this dialog.
    1. in the "Convert from" selection dialog, select the coordinate system you would like to assign a fixed transformation to.
    2. The "Into" selection dialog will be set to the data frame coordinate system
    3. In the "Using" selection dialog select the transformation you want to use between these two systems.

Transvormations Dialog

  • The screen shot above shows an example from our system as we always want to use the NAD_1983_To_HARN_Ohio + NAD_1983_HARN_To_NAD_1983_2011 transformation between GCS_NAD_1983 and GCS_NAD_1983_2011 for our data.
  • Click OK then click Apply
  • Save your MXD
  • This will now apply the NAD_1983_To_HARN_Ohio + NAD_1983_HARN_To_NAD_1983_2011 transformation between GCS_NAD_1983 and GCS_NAD_1983_2011 anytime data is added to this MXD in GCS_NAD_1983 
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