Using data reviewer to find Features missing relationships

06-09-2020 10:55 AM
New Contributor

I'm trying to use Data reviewer to find where my Switch Gear feature has missing relationships.

My check must have FEEDERID LIKE '21%' as a definition query.

The Switch Gear features are not touching anything with as FEEDERID field as they are being separated by Bus Bars features. Both the Switch Gear and Bus Bar features don't have a FEEDERID fields, something that can't be changed.

I'm currently using a Feature on Feature check using features that do have a FEEDERID field, these also the same features missing from the Switch Gear relationship. Those being Fuse and Switches. As you can see from the picture that would give me duplicate results as the Switch Gear has multiple Fuses and/or Switches. Getting duplicate results is my only issue with this check I'm using, but it's a huge issue.

Is there a check I can do to find missing relationships? I have tried different variation of  database variation checks, but cant seem to get results.

Still fairly new to data reviewer any guidance would be wonderful.


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