Enable keyboard shortcut for "Enter Verification Status" (Data Reviewer)

09-17-2012 03:55 AM
Status: In Product Plan
New Contributor II

I would like to be able to make a shortcut key for the command "Enter Verification Status". When using the Reviewer Table and going through all the records in the work with QA/QC on thusands of hand digitized natural features, there are just too many mouseclicks making the task complete.
Just for one chart I have 3000 records I have verified. It would be mostly helpfull for me if I could use a shortcut key. That would spare me and my collegues for a lot of clicks (3000 x 2 pr. chart to be exact) .
Since we have to do +100 charts in the comming years.. You can do the math =0)
In general there is a lot of hands on working in QA/QC so it would be nice if there are possibilities to make shortcut keys to all of the commands.

Great idea!!
This would reduce my amount of 'clicks'.
We have taken this into consideration with our design for ArcGIS Pro for Data Reviewer.  There are plans to have buttons to mark results as corrected and verified.  No more right-clicking context menu.