What's New - Data Reviewer Pro2.5!!

02-06-2020 03:22 PM
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A new quick-start tutorial to enhance quality assurance during editing is now available.

Automated Data Reviewer validation methods (checks) can now be configured as an attribute rule to assess the quality of features that exist in your geodatabase. The following Data Reviewer checks are available to support attribute validation rule workflows:

  • Cutbacks—Finds segments where the angle between segments in a polygon or polyline is below a specified minimum value.
  • Duplicate Vertex—Finds vertices in polyline and polygon features that are within a specified tolerance.
  • Evaluate Part Count—Finds features with a part count that is within a specified value.
  • Evaluate Polyline Length—Finds polyline segments, parts, or features that have a length within a specified tolerance.
  • Evaluate Polygon Perimeter and Area—Finds polygon features that contain an area or perimeter that is within a specified tolerance.
  • Evaluate Vertex Count—Finds polyline or polygon features that have a vertex count within a specified tolerance.
  • Feature on Feature—Finds features that have a specific relationship, either from two different feature layers or within the same feature layer.
  • Monotonicity—Searches z- or m-enabled polylines for vertices that are not strictly increasing or decreasing in value or are trending based on specified conditions.
  • Polyline or Path Closes on Self—Finds paths or lines in polyline features that either touch or cross themselves.
  • Query Attributes—Finds records based on a WHERE clause run against row attributes.

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