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'This Year' date filter returning 'No Data'

02-15-2022 03:32 PM
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I have a water utilities dashboard that keeps track of a bunch of stats that are useful to people when creating reports (e.g. total length of potable water mains, total length of and count of ductile water mains, etc...). One stat that I would like to add is Total Length of New Mains added. This is defined as the total number of feet of water main added during a given year with years defined as 1/1/XX - 12/31/XX and is being used on a date type field. Where I'm getting hung up is that I'd like the date to change dynamically from year to year so I don't have to go in and change it upon the new year arriving.  Currently, I'm attempting to use the 'Is or Is After'  and 'This Year' filter in order to sum the length field. This should give the the total length of all the mains created in the past year to present day, but it keeps returning 'No Data'.

Any ideas?

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