Operations Dashboard Serial Chart Categories as Date shows in different format than table?

11-28-2020 05:56 PM
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I need some help with this problem I've been having with Operations Dashboard. I have a table with a very large number of rows, upwards of 600K. I have a column that is basically the Month and Year as a string. I wanted the serial chart to treat it as a date because I wanted the categories be sorted in chronological order. Using "Parse Date" had raised an error saying "Data Limit Exceeded". So I converted the column to be of data type "date". That made the date be formatted as like "3/1/2020, 12:00 AM". I configured the pop up on the Web Map as Month and year like how I wanted it. Then when I imported that layer and configured in the dashboard the date is formatted like this:


How the table looks when I select "Show Data Table":


Any help appreciated please, I'm running out of options. Also note, in this format of numbers it also does not load the categories even as the long number format, like so:


Screenshot 2020-11-28 195322.png


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