Op Dash isn't respecting Visibility Scale overides of Webmap

05-08-2014 01:05 PM
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I have a service that has a visibility scale as part of it (Min. Scale: ~15000 Max. Scale: ~199). In the webmap I'm overiding this with the "Set Visibility Range" setting on the service in Contents. This is working fine. However when I then create an Ops Dash using that webmap the ops dash is ignoring the overide in the webmap and using the visibility range of the service.
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This issue is also happening in ArcGIS Online web maps.  When creating the web map if you 'add layer from web' and specify the rest url of a layer in an existing service it gives you the option to set visible extent.  This seems to work until you save and reopen the map.  At this point the map forgets the visible scale range which was specified and returns to the visible range in the service definition.

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