Indicator in Operations Dashboard Showing Incorrect Count

03-21-2018 12:24 PM
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I am trying to create an indicator in the new Operations Dashboard and want to have it display the count of my features.  When I do so however, it gives an incorrect number.  The layer should have 42 features (and it even shows that if you open the table when creating the indicator), however when I actually create the indicator it shows 143 features.  Does anyone have any ideas why it's giving me a wrong count when it should say 42 instead of 143?


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I posted the original post with another account. Sorry for the delay. However, my layer is housed in a Oracle database. I was never able to get the Dashboard counts to be correct with the service published off default. However, I was able to get the correct counts with a service published off a version. The dashboard is used to monitor complaints, so pulling from the editing version gives our management a real time view. This was not my original plan, but works. We do have another service published off default with attachments in our organization that experienced the same count issues in the dashboard. Somehow theirs worked fine after a few days. I'm at a loss for an explanation. We did verify in testing that after the database is compressed the counts are corrected in all cases. Hope this helps. 

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I fixed this issue by disabling and then re-enabling archiving on my feature class and then overwriting my service. I work with oracle 11G and AGS 10.7.1

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