Sync Colors of Symbology & Graphs in Operations Dashboard

06-30-2014 01:48 PM
Status: Already Offered
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I built a pie graph (it may be others, I haven't tested more graph types) based on a symbolized domain value.  But there doesn't appear to be a way for the colors of the symbology to be pulled into the chart, which would make it MUCH more visual sense to a viewer.  (Red dots = red slice on graph, blue dots = blue slice, etc.)  ArcMap graphs can sync colors, hopefully this is in the works?  

It would also be nice to be able to choose the colors individually instead of having only 10 options in the dropdown. 
Absolutely agree here - Busy with a pilot project for my company and it's one of the first comments that everyone makes.

Yes, it'd make sense if the colors in chart/bar be matching with the symbology on map.  Or at least let us pick the color ourselves. 


This is highly desired, still.


All - we are getting close to releasing the new web experience for Operations Dashboard. It is currently in beta and has the ability for you to pick colors yourself as Emily Lee suggests above. This will release in December with the next update to ArcGIS Online and with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6


Thanks jeff - great feature. Any plans to allow operations dashboard to pull the colours from the symbology of the web map?

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Hi - just checking in on the ability to pull the symbol directly from the map. Granted I have kind of a lot of slices but it would also match colors without having to look up the HSV for them all. 


This is the first thing EVERYONE who looks at any of our dashboards says "Why don't the pie chart slices match the map colors?" or "Why don't the <insert widget here> colors match <insert other widget> colors?".

In a few of the dashboards I've made, I've taken the time to go set every single color in each widget to match each-other, and to match the web map layer colors, but it's a pain and takes a long time if there are more than a few categories - and lets face it GIS data often has a ton of categories!  When ESRI is promoting the message that dashboards are easy to set up, and you can make one in 15 minutes - it would hugely help this message to become more of a reality if this feature was added.


ESRI,  why is this so difficult to implement. One can do it using the dashboard template in the Web AppBuilder.  Why is it so hard to just implement this functionality into Operation Dashboards where one has more advanced functionality.   

Status changed to: Already Offered

@GabeDeAlessio  ArcGIS Dashboards allows dashboard authors to pick the colors displayed on pie slices on pie chart, and on bar/columns in serial charts. It's fairly strightforward (for example) to configure things so red dot = red slices, blue dots = blue slices, etc. 

What we don't have is the ability to automatically assign the colors based on features found in a map layer. We will consider that as a separate idea/request.