Support Stream Service/Layer in Operations Dashboard

04-03-2015 09:39 AM
Status: Already Offered
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One of the critical value components to the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is the ability to track events in real time. In order to continue to be relevant with regards to real-time data tracking and management, Operations Dashboard must support Stream Services and Stream Layers. Even if supporting widgets and data feeds from a stream layer is difficult, Ops Dashboard should at least allow a user to pull in a Stream Service/Layer as a visual reference, just like you can do in a web map.  


As Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is the flagship for a number of AVL end-user solutions, Stream Services should be available with full capabilities, i.e. selection, follow, filter, and available within other widgets.



With the web-centric Operations Dashboard that is currently in beta right now, Stream Services are supported for visualization purposes. When coupled with a backing feature service you can add their capabilities to elements such as indicators and gauges.

Following the initial release in December, we will be working closely with the GeoEvent team to wire elements directly to stream services. 



Thank you VERY much for the update, Jeff.  Great news!


Yes, that's wonderful Jeff, thank you!


Let's re-activate this one to apply to the new‌.  As I understand it, this is not in the current release.  This should be a core functionality to support AVL,‌, etc.



Any update on this?




Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS‌ this is a much needed functionality for a product that's branded as a "Real Time Data Visualization Tool". Please support stream services outside of just map widgets. There are numerous use cases for this support in all widgets. Thank you.

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@HunterWest  Dashboards do allow you to pull in a Stream Service/Layer as a visual reference. We do this in our map element. As per comment by @JeffShaner , other elements need to be hooked up to feature services. 

Others: There are a few other good ideas in this thread, but including them here makes this a 'multiple idea' request, which doesn’t really adhere to the Submission Guidelines. We'll have to request they be re-submitted and then evaluated as separate requests. 



@patrickb ,

When we say "Support Stream Services" we do mean by default, the actions to follow, filter, etc.  To say we want to just see them is a bit of a snarky way to say, "I really wish someone would do something about this."  When this idea started, it did not support stream services at all - probably in a previous iteration.  I hope this idea is captured fully - not just for "viewing" the service - in the new version of Dashboards.  Dashboard WAS the premiere app to view GeoEvent feeds - but now falls short.  😞