Serial Chart - Ability To Invert Y Axis - ArcGIS Dashboards

11-09-2020 04:44 PM
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The ability to invert the Y axis of a serial chart to allow, for example, river level sensor data to be shown as you'd expect. High water (low distance to the sensor)  would be represented at the top of the graph, not the bottom.(see attached image) #dashboard-beta

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Definitely agree this would be helpful. Triple Kudos if I could. 

We have groundwater data and values are feet below land surface. Right now, we are using a custom programmed web page, which works well, but the person who developed it has moved on to another position. If we could build out a dashboard and show the data properly with an inverted axis, we could port it over to something that could be maintained over time. 

See image for axis inverted in our application. 

This kind of thing is applicable in many geological and water applications, since they deal with the subsurface. 




I'm curious if anyone can let me know if the consideration of this feature has moved along any? I ask because I am being asked to provide an update on whether we should look into an Esri solution for this in near future.