Restrictions in Ops Dashboard

06-24-2019 02:05 PM
Status: Closed
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  • Hub
    • The ability to move the follow initiative "star" on Hub initiative pages.
  • Operations dashboard
    • Make it more responsive on mobile devices.
    • Add print capability. 
    • Category Selector - The ability to force a specific default width on the category selector drop down menu (words get cutoff).
    • Header Panel - The ability to open logo URL in the same tab or new page, in addition to the default of a new tab. 
      • This is the back button going from the full screen dashboard back to the embedded dashboard.
    • Indicator - The ability to allow different formatting for a null or zero reference when conditional formatting is enabled. 

I can't tell you how many of my .mil clients have requested print capability for Operations Dashboard.  They need to be able to print out their dashboards and keep them in a cargo pocket for reference when they can't be online.  

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@ShorehElhami  It looks like you’ve included multiple ideas in this request, which doesn’t adhere to our Submission Guidelines. Can you please separate this idea into multiple submissions, one for each distinct request? This will help others in the community vote. 

Some more info ... 

Make it more responsive on mobile devices - This is in our current product plans. 

Add print capability - We'll need some more details for this. Please be as specific as possible. 

Category Selector -  This is in our product plan. 

Header Panel - We can consider this if others vote for it. 

Indicator - Please check our ArcGIS Dashboards Beta. I believe you can do this with Arcade.