Operations Dashboard - Active Widget

08-14-2018 11:06 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

I recently built a dashboard that is comprised of two lists and two details widgets.  When a feature is selected from one list, the attachment (a photo) appears in the corresponding details widget.  This same behavior occurs between the other list and its corresponding details widget. 

The lists are not stacked however the details widgets are.  What I would like to see is the ability for the stacked widgets to toggle back and forth depending on which is "triggered" most recently.  So if I select an item from the first list, the attachment in the details widget appears.  And then when an item from other list is selected, and its attachment appears on the other details widget, it automatically flips to the widget without having to manually click the tab at the bottom of the stacked details widgets in order to activate that particular frame.

I have attached a couple screenshots of the dashboard to illustrate how it's currently set up.  The project involves inventorying a cemetery and the user first selects a Family Name from the top right which filters the first list, Entries Sorted By First Name, to all individuals with that particular last name.  Once a name from that list is selected, the photo is displayed in the widget below as seen in the first attachment.  What also happens when a name is selected is the larger scale map pans to that location and the secondary list is populated with additional names of individuals buried in that extent view.  When a name is selected from that list, the photo for that person is displayed in the secondary attachment widget.  I would like for the dashboard to automatically switch to the secondary attachment widget when it is "active."