Include blank values for a serial chart in Dashboard

07-05-2020 09:08 PM
Status: Open
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In the serial chart widget in ArcGIS Dashboards, the only values represented are from existing features. I would like to be able to have a 'blank', or zero, value for features in the serial chart. Typically, these values would pull from a domain (or a drop-down list) of potential features.

For an example, this is how my serial chart looks now, filtered, to show two values:

If I wanted to add a third value that had no features, I would like for it to look something like this:

Which I know is a bad drawing but hopefully you get the idea!

Here is the original thread that discusses this: 


This would be useful for my dashboard in ArcGIS Dashboards‌ too as I have it fed by a site safety inspection survey created in ArcGIS Survey123‌ and having blank values in a chart widget would allow me to show vehicles that hadn't been inspected for a specified time period.

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I'd like this too!

The first graph shows the complete distribution of a dataset.  The second is when I had used the category selector to query a particular neighbourhood.  It'd be great if we've the option to keep the category axis the same.  Thanks!

I would have thought it would be quite critical to have the option to include items with zero value, especially when creating a dashboard from a survey. If you ask a question and no one selects a specific answer, the lack of selection for the specific answer would be an important data to include in the survey results. 

I have a survey which asks the respondents to rate the ease-of-use of a process. Zero respondents have selected 'very difficult', which I would like to show in the dashboard - but the inability to show this data makes the end result appear like I did not include it as a selection option.