Dashboard - zoom map based on Selector results

07-10-2020 08:23 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Example Dashboard:  WashoeCounty Primary Election Results Dashboard 

It would be very useful to have the map zoom to a spatial extent based on the users' choice of Selectors (in the left pane).  

1)  A basic enhancement that would benefit a lot of use cases would be an option to automatically zoom to the spatial extent of the filtered results.  Many of our local contests only cover a small portion of our overall geography.  When the "State" Contest Category is selected, nearly all the contests occupy a very small portion of the map.  This a) makes the map look empty and b) forces the user to have to zoom in manually.

2)  A much more versatile enhancement to dashboard would be enabling the dashboard designer to associate a specific spatial extent with each radio button choice (maybe through an attribute or via referencing bookmarks?).  This would enable the designer to focus the users' attention on the most pertinent part of the map for a specific Selector choice.  In our case, because our county is so very elongated North-South and very few people live in the northern reaches, I don't want to show the entire spatial extent of contests that cover the entire county by default, because then the metro and suburban areas that most people are interested in become illegible.