Create a barchart from a related table in Operations Dashboard

11-06-2014 05:40 AM
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Currently I cannot create widgets using a data from a related table.
Please support related tables as I'm sure many organisations use relational databases for managing data.


I am also needing this function. Has anyone developed a custom widget that I can test in Operation Dashboard Dev. Mode?


Most of our point data is one table and the metrics are in other table and we can't build reports that enable us to filter the layer and have our bar charts, etc update to match the filtered records.


This is possible with the online Operations Dashboard app.


What isn’t possible is selecting a feature on the map and having the chart show up with the related data for that feature. It’s such a basic feature and it’s been asked for for years, it’s kind of baffling it still isn’t implemented.

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@Guidovan_der_Kolk2  Not all workflows pertaining to related data are implmented in ArcGIS Dashboards, but I do believe selecting a feature on the map and having a chart show the related data is possible by configuring layer actions on a dashboard's map elements. That is, when a layer's selection changes, it can filter another dashboard element (e.g. chart).  Here is a Support article that also describes what the product facilitates.

Please let us know if you have requirements that go beyond what we already have, and we can evaluate whether they pertain to this idea (on another/similar one from our backlog).