CONTAINS operator for category selector when using Defined Values

2 weeks ago
Status: Open
New Contributor III

My team and I have created a dashboard in our Enterprise system to show projects within our department, their progress and completion, estimated/actual end dates, sponsoring / affected department, and the specialist assigned to the project. We are using a table we've created as the source data for the dashboard.

The column we have that specifies the specialist working on the project is a string that has the name of one or more specialists, separated by a comma (in the event that more than one specialist is working on/associated with the project, which is common with our team). 

I think there should be a way to use Defined Values in the category selector where, when a predefined value is selected and it filters based on the specific field (i.e. Specialist) it will do a CONTAINS search rather than an EQUALS (or I guess it calls it an "include"). That way we can have a more compact category selector for the specialist with each name listed only once, rather than having each individual name listed as well as all the combinations (i.e. if specialists are Tim, Kelly, Cameron having one selector listed for each name and then also for Tim, Kelly and another for Tim, Cameron, and so on).