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Automatically filter pop-ups via category selector

08-04-2023 06:40 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I would like pop-ups to be refreshed and re-filtered if a pop-up is open while a user clicks a category selector to change information available on the map in ArcGIS Dashboards.

I have a feature class that describes hunting regulations for white-tailed deer in Ontario. You can see the map here:

The province is divided up into wildlife management units (WMUs). My feature class has two overlapping polygons/records for each WMU - one record that contains information for residents and one for non-residents of Ontario.

The dashboard I created allows users to select using a category selector whether they are a Resident or Non-Resident of Ontario. Then, they can click on any WMU to find a summary of when and how they may hunt deer in the province.

However, if they click on a WMU while in one category (e.g., Resident), a pop-up will appear with information for Residents. If they do not click "off" to remove the pop-up, when they click the button "Non-Resident" to see information for that category, the pop-up does not change to "Non-Resident" information. The default category persists in the pop-up. Each pop-up contains information that is only relevant to that category, so it would be useful to automatically filter/switch the pop-up. I'm concerned that users will expect this behavior, and not notice that the pop-up has not refreshed.

For ESRI: this issue is described in case ENH-000143184.

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  1. Enhanced User Experience: Automatically filtering pop-ups through a category selector significantly enhances the browsing experience.

  2. Customized Browsing Preferences: This feature empowers users to tailor their browsing experience according to their preferences by allowing them to select specific categories of pop-ups they wish to interact with.

  3. Categorization of Pop-ups: Pop-ups can be categorized based on various criteria such as content type, source, or relevance to the user. Common categories include advertisements, notifications, surveys, and subscription prompts.

  4. User Control: With the category selector, users gain control over the types of pop-ups they encounter while browsing. They can choose to allow or block specific categories of pop-ups based on their interests and needs.

  5. Flexible Options: Categories may encompass a wide range of content, including social media alerts, news updates, shopping offers, and entertainment recommendations. This flexibility enables users to fine-tune their browsing experience.

  6. Reduced Clutter and Distraction: By filtering pop-ups based on categories, clutter and distraction are minimized. Users can focus on the content they are interested in without being inundated by irrelevant or intrusive pop-ups.

  7. Enhanced Security: Automatic filtering of pop-ups enhances security by effectively blocking potentially harmful or malicious content. Users are protected from phishing attempts, malware, and other security threats.

  8. Tailored Browsing Experience: The category selector empowers users to create a personalized browsing environment that aligns with their interests, preferences, and online habits.

  9. Streamlined Browsing Process: Filtering pop-ups via category selector or vsco streamlines the browsing process by eliminating unnecessary interruptions and distractions. Users can navigate websites more efficiently and seamlessly.

  10. Focused Engagement: By filtering out irrelevant pop-ups, users can focus their attention on the content that matters most to them, whether it's reading articles, watching videos, or engaging with interactive elements.

  11. Control and Flexibility: The category selector provides users with granular control and flexibility over their pop-up preferences, allowing them to refine their browsing experience to suit their individual needs.

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