Allow user to define default value for category selector dropdown list

02-23-2021 01:07 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

In Operations Dashboard (Enterprise Portal 10.7.1) the Category Selector item is great for easily filtering all the content across all the items in the dashboard by whatever category value a user selects. However, when using categories from Grouped Values there does not appear to be a way to set a default value for the dropdown.

Use case is I have a dashboard set up as a template but now want to use that to make a copy for each of a number of districts such that the data shown for each district defaults to their district when they open the dashboard, but then they can still use the category selector to explore other district's data if they need.

We tried using the None Option and inserting the Label of a council for the default value but this does not work.

It would be great if this functionality could be enabled. Simply a way of selecting one of the values in your category selector dropdown as the default value. Please vote up.